Let’s treasure our bonds…

Let’s treasure our bonds…

Part 2

Have you noticed that as years pass by, the bonds and relationships that you have formed in different points of your life either break or weaken or get stronger? Over the years, our bonds change, either going downhill or blossoming into something beautiful.

I believe, the key is to be open to the changes that our bonds will undergo, be it negative or positive. When we realise that both broken bonds and stronger bonds help us grow, we welcome these changes wholeheartedly.

One of the major reasons that I wanted to travel was to visit my teachers. Every person who has impacted my education in some way and at some point has their special place in my heart. Two of my teachers, in particular, had the biggest influence on me, because, apart from their area of expertise, they taught me about honesty, friendship, hard work and much more.

And so my journey began. I was set to rely on my memory and find my English teacher’s place.

This was not easy, but after the succession of failures, eventually, I reached the familiar gates of my teacher where once I was coming few days a week to learn English.

With my all time favourite teacher Mrs Hakobyan

My English teacher has always been a vivid person. I have always loved everything about her from her style to the way she was speaking and the unique nature that she has always had.

When I hugged her I knew straight away: that was the same person as the person I had described in my diary 10 years ago. It truly is amazing that the real bond doesn’t wear out over time…but only gets stronger.


The person who I owe the knowledge of my language: Mrs Sargsyan

My next mission was to meet my very much loved class teacher who taught me my native language. Because my first ever school was a Russian school, I didn’t know very much Armenian. As shameful as it was, I failed few of my native language tests when I changed into an Armenian school. But thanks to her input and persistence, I eventually became proficient in my language by the time I graduated from school. The turning point was the day when she was sceptical about the essay I wrote. She thought someone else wrote it. That day I realised how much work she had done with me.

With flowers in my hand, I soon found myself standing right near her gate. She hadn’t changed. I felt how much our bond had strengthened over the years.

This was just a  glimpse into the bonds that were from my past and carried on to my future. They shaped me as an individual and continue to do so.

My call to you is this:

Please treasure all of your bonds, and you will find that some of them will grow even stronger over time and give you the wings to fly.

Don’t let the heartbreaks and weakened bonds make you resistant to investing in your relationship with others. Let your soul be free and let the fear of broken bonds not stop you from trusting people with the whole of your heart. Yes, it requires us to be vulnerable, but that is the cost of enjoying long lasting and strong relationships.

One thought on “Let’s treasure our bonds…

  1. Thank you for this blog. I think we all gain amd lose bonds throughout our life. But as you mentioned, they both contributed to our life, and thier contribution what matter.



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