Because remembering your inner child is necessary…

Because remembering your inner child is necessary…

Have you ever felt you are bored? …Every now and then most of us experience that feeling. They have more places to go, more things to experience, they have more interesting jobs than us, they have more means etc. Isn’t it far TOO often about them and too little about us? Especially as we are becoming more social (with Facebook and everything…), the gap between them and us widens.

Or, far too often we think that when I finish this and do that I will be happier. When I finish this exam then I can relax…when I finish the work then I get to do this….The rather sad reality is that we often do not end up finishing our studies, responsibilities and work and our dreams stay hanging in the air.

But I believe we have a responsibility to make our own lives interesting, to experience diverse things and to meet beautiful souls along the way. We decorate our own roads with either shrubs or flowers. Shrubs will just grow, but if we want to decorate with flowers it requires effort and commitment.

I believe that we need to spend time with the child that lives inside us. Just you and her. Just you and him. We need to let that child dream freely, without closing its mouth tightly. We need to satisfy the curiosity of that child. We need to let that child wonder, ask and question. And finally, we need to enjoy the feeling that child gets when experiencing something new for the first time.

We often get too immersed in our day-to-day life and responsibilities, forgetting to nurture the relationship with our inner child.

I, for sure, ignore her most of the time. Sometimes, however, I remember about my inner child and spend time with her… These are the times that I feel most alive, refreshed and mindful… times that I experience happiness on a completely different level. Trust me these times do exist as much as I may seem a serious adult being on my Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.

Like the time that I had dressed up as a big heart to greet marathon runners…2012-08-12 10.27.19

Like the time I took a selfie with Alexander the Great…20130207_125401

Like the time I was particularly impatiently looking forward to Christmas…IMG_0759

Like the time, I went to BigW dressed in a Victorian gown…DSC_0330

And…Like the time, I saw the largest LINDT chocolate in the store…IMG_0575

Take care and don’t you dare to call me crazy 😉


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